"Danny Hughes Statement" “Quite often we turn life into a philosophical exercise instead of looking for the beauty in the simple things “ “Truth, Love, Certainty…are words that I live by and surround each painting with. The Danny Hughes Studio creates works of Art that help each soul to open just enough to the possibility that “it” is possible, what ever that is.” “ Each painting that I create is done so with the intention of providing the viewer with an opportunity to be still…quiet the mind. Each painting contains spiritual truths that point towards an inescapable oneness that connects us all. Each painting acts as a type of visual mantra…a gateway to a quiet place, a beginning.” Each Hughes painting starts as a blank wood panel and is collaged with a collection of pages and newsprint that have been colored and aged by the elements. Earth tones, patinas and rust lead the viewer to the realization that the permanence of life is an illusion and that each and every moment is a precious gift that must be cherished. "The simplicity of each painting is a metaphor for life. " "We each have so much more power than we know... Alchemists...of the highest order. Each challenge, each obstacle in life is a gift that can be transformed into a precious stone. We are here to perfect our craft...Wake up...Wake up...the time in now "